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Senpai Appreciation Post: Bengus/CRMK - Capcom Artist

If any of you grew up playing Street Fighter or almost any other Capcom game for that matter, and you wanted to draw like the art you saw in them, chances are that this guy right here made you do it

An inspiration to countless comic & concept artists abroad, Bengus is surely ahead of the times; his conceptual skill and art style were way too advanced even back in the early 90s, leaving a lot of us still trying to play catchup with him in skill level. He’s an effin’ chameleon, being able to switch up style/technique on-the-go (as easy as he can switch up his pen name). He does Marvel better than Marvel can. He can go cartoony a la Power Stone. He can even mimic Da Vinci if he wants to. Just ‘cuz he can.

My personal things that I always finding myself picking up from him is primarily his color sense (pioneering what I call the “Capcom color spectrum”, that vivid & vibrant saturation/contrast that used to be a staple in most of their properties), as well as his anatomical expertise (ugh, man his anatomy. He knows just how to push and exaggerate things just right on both ends of the gamut).

Ugh… I just really hate this guy but… really love him so much. 

SO GOOD! 0_0

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"Your angel of death awaits."
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Love this movie

Hope you like them. I’m planning on selling one of these as a print.

Done with my haybusa art pieces. #ryuhayabusa #ninjagaiden #fiend #digitalart #photoshop

Digital Art Tip: Resolution Dependence ▷


I get the question often as to what size canvas I draw on. I’ve answered in responses to explain the basics numerous times, but I’m going to write a bit more detailed response so all can understand and reference.


(I’ll use my Dirty Pair piece as the guinea pig for this explanation.)


The master speaks.

Dandy has his mind set.

A true guy



TCR | 2014.07.16 | Marvel’s chief creative officer Joe Quesada explains that Captain America’s days are numbered, which leads to exciting news for Stephen.

OMG, Kris Anka did that! Yay!<3

I guess Sasuke can teleport now…. :/